Pandemic life has slowed everything down, and maybe that is a good thing. Ceramics is my part time gig, passion project, home away from home, happy place, all of the good things. Yet, I always feel like I need to be so productive. I do supply local stores so I do owe them that, and I am so glad so many small businesses and stores are booming despite the pandemic. But other than that, it’s ok to take your time, it's ok to be slow, and I constantly need to remind myself.  

I did a big thing this summer, finally launching my online store, that was a MAJOR stress release when it was all done. I am an absolute perfectionist, I have been working on this for years and never launched because I was so tough on myself. I wanted all the photos to be perfect, I had this whole vision, but honestly, photography is my achilles heel. I try, I watch a  bunch of youtube tutorials,  I take a bunch of sub par pictures, I buy a fancy useless photo booth, I get frustrated with lighting, I curse the shininess of my pieces, I photoshop them all to death, I give up...But then I start all over again. I listened to Mama Ru and put that Inner Saboteur to rest.  I decided to just do it. I did it, I just did it, I put out there in the world. It is not perfect, but it is ok, and that is ok. 

I feel like that took all my energy and it was the only goal I had to look forward to. This year was going to be a BIG year for me ceramic wise. Started out with two amazing art shows, a move to the most perfect studio, new lovely studio mates that were a great addition to our dynamic, planning out all the markets I would do, planning to submit a piece to the Salt Spring Ceramic Awards. And then boom, all cancelled, no deadlines, no projects, no motivation. 

So here we are, it is August, no wait, September?, no, WAIT it’s OCTOBER!? 

No lie, I spend (waste?) so much of my time on social media. I have seen the same posts, tik toks, cringey videos a million times for absolutely no reason. BUT the good thing that can come of it is being inspired by other people’s creativity. Earlier this year on instagram I stumbled upon one of the most beautiful ceramic projects, 100 days of cups by @lollyceramics. 100 days of the coolest cups, do go check it out, they are all so amazing. 

So I was like “yeah, i can do that, no biggie”. But then I realized I made about 20 things this year haha (a bit more, but yeah). So instead, what I am going to do is a bit different, still semi ambitious but it feels a bit more attainable for me at the moment. 

So what I present is called EXPLORATIONS. 

For the next few months, years, or whatever it may be, I will present small series of explorations on a theme. Series of nine pieces. I have a mega list of possible themes,, some based on function, some on form, some on graphics, some on technique. I am doing this to give myself a goal, but in small bite size pieces. I am going in like Sufjan Stevens did when he planned to make one album for each of the 50 states. He did not make it through all 50 states BUT he gave us “Illinois” and “Michigan” which are absolute masterpieces in my opinion. I am not saying I will put masterpieces out there, but here is hoping!

Each piece will be one of a kind-ish. “ish” because I may or may not keep some designs to add to production eventually. Once a piece is posted, it will be available for sale online. 

So thanks for reading through and stay tuned as the first of many series (let’s be hopeful yeah?!) is launching this week. 


Find pieces for sale here